Me and a good friend

I am Nicole Lee. I run a farm along with my husband and farming partner, Joe, three children, and a few dedicated employees. When our family moved to our Wisconsin farm in 1998, we had no intention of becoming full-time farmers. It just happened. Our family’s transition to farmerhood was, in fact, amazing and wonderful. The land we live on has so much to offer and we wanted to somehow share it with other people, so we started an organic vegetable farm. It was a natural transition and has grown every year since our start.  We are crazy-busy for many days of the year, but it’s a hard-working, satisfying type of busy.  The kind that, when you sit down at the end of the day, you feel really good about.  And, even on the fullest days, there is always time for gathering and good food.  I am grateful for that and for everything this farm has to offer.

This blog is just one more way to share.

The long version of this story can be found at our farm’s website.