A Farmer’s Greens Craving


Pea shoots and micro greens

There is a time of the year in which I start having a greens craving. We officially entered that time last month.

In January there is always a limited amount of fresh local greens vs. the heavy abundance of easily available starchy and fatty items: potatoes, leftover holiday cookies, cheese, bread, bread, and more bread! It’s hard to resist. Maybe it’s due to the winter feelings of needing to bulk up and burrow down for the cold days and nights. I don’t know. It sounds good, and that will be my excuse.

The greens cravings are my own fault really. We’ve had greens growing in the greenhouse and inside for our Winter CSA during all of December, January and February, but I won’t eat much of them. I feel a twinge of guilt enjoying a crop that hasn’t been completely shared with our CSA members. I always want to make sure everyone gets their share. This is the truth for a lot of what we grow, in all seasons. Maybe I should get over it, but I can’t.

Last week was our final CSA delivery for the winter season, and everyone got their share. Now, I can finally satisfy that greens craving fully with the leftover sunflower and pea shoots!

Bonus: The spinach we harvested in December is beginning to regrow in the greenhouse, so tomorrow when I go in there to sow the first onion seeds of the season, you can bet I’m taking along a bowl,a fork,some sunflower seeds,a little bit of feta, and some dressing.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and good food!



Pea Shoot Salad



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