Growing our Farm Family

It’s February and new employees are on our minds. But finding the right folks to join our farm crew isn’t easy. Of course every business looks for people who are reliable and responsible, but, essentially, we are looking for folks to join our farm family. Because, that is what most of the people who work on our farm become—family.

Farm Lunch

The farm is our home, and employees come to our home to work.  It is important that the people we hire have similar feelings about the land, food, the environment, and so on. And, just like all other businesses, we, too, look for folks who are reliable and responsible, but having respect for people and mother earth are key, and will get a job on our family farm.

We think the farm is a wonderful place to be and work. We’re serious about the work we do and we work hard, but we have fun while we work. We laugh. We tell stories. We stop to look at cool insects and awesome birds. But we mainly work while we work. We find joy in this work that feeds people and gets done by our hands. We also value a job well done. Those who share in this work ethic are respected and deeply appreciated!

During our time farming we’ve worked with many employees. Most have been effective, fulfilled workers, and several have even returned year after year to work with us. They’ve become our farm family.

And it is time once again to grow our farm family.

Who will be the newest members of the family at Good Earth Farm this year? We don’t know yet, but are looking forward to welcoming them to the farm!