The Current Currant Situation


Today, Kaci, Zoey, and I transplanted the current currant bushes on the farm (which were doing poorly in their original location) to a new, more ideal place on the farm.

Digging Holes

We’re growing four varieties of currants on the farm: red, white, pink, and black.  If you’re not familiar with currants, you might be surprised to learn that these tasty, versatile fruits are not a new species, but have been enjoyed in Europe for many generations.  Their popularity is finally beginning to grow in the U.S.

The currant bush produces tiny round fruits on long sprigs.  Like grapes, currant fruit can be used for jam, juice, wine, or eaten fresh.

Red currant

The cold-hardy plants are perfect for our harsh and unpredictable Wisconsin winters.

It will be a good year or two before we actually harvest some bright red fruit off of these plants.  For now, Zoey’s pink hair is the only bright spot in the brown early spring world.

Transplanting currants

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